Lean TWI Summit in Wroclaw

Lean TWI

June in Wrocław, Poland, heralds the much-anticipated Lean TWI Summit, set for the 19th and 20th. This pioneering conference is a rallying point for those dedicated to the disciplines of Lean Management and Training Within Industry (TWI), offering a meticulously curated program of insightful plenary talks and interactive workshops. It stands as a golden opportunity for practitioners and enthusiasts of Lean Thinking and TWI to enrich their understanding, refine their abilities, and forge connections within a like-minded professional community.

Inaugural Day: A Series of Inspiring Sessions The summit commences with a day packed with motivating presentations and rich case studies, all conducted in Polish. Designed to stir inspiration and share deep insights, the day’s agenda includes:

  • “Building High-Performing Teams” by Dave Christensen, exploring the impact of coaching strategies on achieving business milestones.
  • “Journey to Excellence” with Tomasz Kanikuła, dedicated to nurturing a sustainable culture of continuous improvement.
  • Comprehensive case studies from the manufacturing realm, illustrating the tangible outcomes of Lean methodology adoption.
  • Thought-provoking discussions on “The Power of Collaboration” and the indispensable role of operators in driving improvements in factory processes and implementing TPM tactics.

These sessions aim to invigorate attendees and provide them with strategic approaches to leading Lean initiatives within their own organizations.

Day Two: Tailored Workshops for an International Audience On its concluding day, the summit offers specialized workshops for English speakers, focusing on:

  • “How To Effectively Implement And Sell A Lean Project To Advance Your Career,” guided by Ian Wordsworth and Kamil Studziński. This workshop will cover strategies for the successful execution and persuasive communication of Lean projects to senior leadership.
  • “Standardized Work with TWI,” led by Andrea Manti and Kamil Muller, teaching the application of TWI methods to achieve work standardization, enhancing efficiency, quality, and safety in the process.

A Collaborative Environment for Enhanced Insight The summit is further enriched through partnerships with etwi System, ensuring a broad and varied learning experience for all participants. You can meet us at the Conference!

Launch Your Lean Exploration in Wrocław Grab this unparalleled chance to advance your career and positively impact your organization by embracing Lean principles. Discover more and secure your participation by visiting the summit’s websites:

To sign up, head to:

Join us in the picturesque backdrop of Wrocław for a deep dive into Lean and TWI methodologies. This summit is your gateway to reshaping your professional outlook and embracing a journey of continuous improvement and learning. See you there for an unforgettable professional development experience!

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