Easily create, update and manage SOPs and Work Instructions to support the development process of your employees through Training Matrices and Continuous Improvement

What is the etwi system about?

Create and Update
Digitial SOPs and
Work Instructions

Efficiently create, manage and revise Digital Work Instructions with ease

Develop People
with Competency

Enhance skills oversight with a Competency Matrix, alerting leaders to changes

Display SOPs
at Workstations or
Print in Them in A3

Print A3 SOP or display Digital SOP at workstations via QR code to all operators

Utilize SOPs for
Kaizen and
Training purpose

Use prepared Work Instructions as a foundation for continuous improvement


Driving global workplace digitization through standardized TWI practices

The etwi system is designed to facilitate this process for companies

Problems we solve

Our nearly two decades of experience with TWI have shown that successful implementation requires not only high-level management support but also practical tools for employees. Often, hundreds of SOPs need to be tailored to enable effective instruction for workers, and leaders must learn to manage their teams through Training Matrices. The etwi system facilitates this process.

In the etwi system, your leaders will be continuously informed about training needs. The Training Matrix will become a practical tool actively used by supervisors. It will be linked to documents created in the SOP module, as well as to additional requirements concerning HSE and Quality.

With the etwi system, you can create work instructions (SOPs) over three times faster than in Excel. You’ll have access to a database of main steps, easy drag-and-drop step changes, automatic version control, and the ability to display instructions directly at the workstation via QR code or in printed paper version. With etwi, your instructions will always be up to date.

With the etwi system, you can initiate Kaizen and Poka Yoke activities for your Leaders and Instructors. Work analysis will be conducted based on the developed SOPs. Implementing changes in SOPs will be easy through the system, and employee training can be conducted with digitized instructions.

Our Customers

Companies That Effectively Are Implementing Standardization With etwi System

Customers opinions

The software is very helpful for both creating standards and building the awareness of the employees who create instructions.


CI manager, BalticWood

Current Features

Adjust the instruction template

Your organization is different from others, so make sure that the form suits your needs

Transfer employee knowledge to digital work instructions

Easily complete document content, and add edit photos to quickly create and update Digital Work Instructions

Use saved steps multiple times

Build a Steps database by using it in multiple processes without wasting your time

Manage the instruction verification path

Create a department and sigh people to make sure that all your documents are validated

Communicate with authors via comments

Accept or dismiss instructions and give feedback to authors

Implement Work Standardization Effectively
with etwi Today

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